Shebiz Ltd provides services for recording sales and cash control at farm clearing sales, Auctions and HELMSMAN Auction Sales.

Ram Sale

Auction Services

Farm Clearing Sales

This is a service we supply for Independent Livestock Agent Companies, or Farmers/Businesses wishing to hold a clearing sale. Our service includes:
  • Lotting (if required)
  • Your Auctioneer or Ours
  • Registering buyers
  • Computer recording sale prices and details
  • Supplying invoices 'on site' to buyers
  • Cash control of Cash Sales
  • Full reporting to Vendors and Agents at the close of the sale

Helmsman Auction

We also run HELMSMAN Auction Sales.

  • These may be for Stud Stock, Antiques, Furniture sales etc.
  • Known sometimes as a "Silent Auction."

Buyers use bidding cards to place bids, which are recorded on a white board for all to view.

Helmsman Auction Board

Bidding becomes governed by time.
The sale concludes when no bids are received within the set time.
This is an effective way to sell small lots of highly valued items.

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